Moving over to Bang Bang Boogaloo!

викCome on over to my new label site.  This is what I will be updating these days….Looking forward to our first release of NY Revival Rock on April 26 and The Dead Exs record on May 31. Click the pic to be transported!

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The Dead Exs debut is out!

The Dead Exs debut record “Resurrection” is available! This was recorded in the studio entirely LIVE. For a limited time you can download the digital pre-release and NAME YOUR PRICE.  Meaning if u want it for free you can have it! Click the pic and go to the site. Official release date of CD is 2-22-11.


November Update


So Flow has been nonstop.  I just finished the new album for The Dead Exs….I believe its going to be called Resurrection…You can stream the whole thing here and is probably playing right now..:) I fell in love with the old Howlin’ Wolf records and garage rock like The Sonics and wanted to create a sound that was back to mono. The songs are based in the blues and tend to have turnarounds which was a welcome challenge from the hooky big choruses that we normally aim for in songwriting. So I hope you dig it.  Look for upcoming NYC shows and a european jaunt in the new year.

The Dead Exs – Resurrection???


Having a great time producing the new Jem Warren EP.  Jem has written so really great new songs and I am helping him bring it to the next level at Flow.

Other things brewing as well.  Will do my best to be more blog vigilant….in the meanwhile follow me on FB and Twitter if ya want the day to day.

Lu ya!