Monthly Archives: November 2008

Obama Plants the Seed

As i sit here in New York City and listen out my window, the people on Houston shout and cheer.  I am beyond taken.  This is a moment that has enlightened and amazed.  My son sleeps unknowing what has just become.  A seed has been planted.  People have come together to raise their voices and proclaim their rights as citizens of the USA.

A seed has been planted.  It is deep and will sprout joy and determination, hope and livelihood, and a promise of a dream of love.  A love that many of us have never experienced except with good friends.  A love that expands and gives forth and welcomes diversity.  A love that perhaps was born in the 60s and was stolen away, and is now reborn with such vigor that it becomes a powerhouse of energy like a generator into our culture and beyond.  A love that sends a message to the world and redefines our role in foreign lands as well as our home.  A love that focuses us inward to heal the issues we create and help us evolve past the restraints of our fear.  A love that delivers mutual respect for all.

One man has come with his finely tuned political machine and shown us how to organize and believe.  He has planted the seed.  He was born to do it and now has inspired us all.  We now know that we can live our dreams without discrimination and judgment, and that opportunity abounds because we create opportunity.  We can stand up and believe, and our system works. This is a golden moment in America.  Lets make it last.